Hiring the right property manager to take care of property in the Newport, RI area is an important part of maximizing your investment. It can be difficult to find a property manager who treats your property as carefully as you do and many people find themselves switching to a new one on a yearly basis.

Many property managers will shy away from responsibility when something on your property needs to be taken care of quickly but not Newport Property and Construction Management. Here are 5 things you need to be asking property managers to make sure you’re finding the right person to manage your investment.

What will you do for an initial property inspection?
Starting off on the same page is key and all property managers should do a thorough property inspection before starting to manage a property. The inspection will help them identify any areas that need repairs as well as get a feel for what’s most important to you.

How do you communicate with owners?
A dependable line of communication with your property manager is essential to a good working relationship. Make sure your property manager has a regular process for sending updates and getting in touch with them in the case of an emergency.

How will you take care of scheduled repairs?
Making repairs is a necessary part of owning property. A good property manager will know exactly what to do for all types of issues.

What do you do for tenants?
Taking care of tenants is often the most difficult part of owning property and something that needs special attention.

What is your plan in the case of an emergency?
You need to know what to expect in case the worst happens. It’s best to learn what your property managers plan for handling specific types of emergencies so you’ll be prepared.

Newport Property and Construction Management has years of experience providing property services in the Newport, RI area. We understand that every property we manage is unique and take the time to understand the owner’s expectations before services begin. A wide variety of services are available so we can develop a management plan that’s right for your property.

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